We specialize in wireless communications plans and devices. Every quarter we work closely with the big four carriers to see if there are new plans that can save your business more money.

We do the following analysis:

  • Review your wireless bills from the most recent three months billing period
  • Check for billing accuracy and services that your company needs
  • Check for international calls and data usage
  • We compare pricing with the big four wireless carriers as well as regional companies
  • Prepare a complete report with our recommendations

In most cases, we save our customers an average of 35% on the wireless bills. We also take over the company’s wireless management. By doing this, we are ensuring that any issues are taking care of. Our fee is 50% of the savings, and in addition to monitoring the accuracy of the bills we also provide:

  • Order and set up new line of service for new hires
  • Activate new devices
  • Device troubleshooting
  • Transfer data to the new device
  • Offer repair services such as; replace shattered screen, water damage repairs, and battery replacement (for an additional fee).

Our key differentiator is we are local, come to your office or arrange a place to meet.

Below is a sample analysis for a company with 80 plus lines

Wireless analysis sample