Detailed reports on any wireless subject, authored by a single expert and then critiqued by a panel of three to five similarly qualified experts. The report format as a deliverable works well with topics including:

  • Handset Subsidies
  • Customer Lifetime Value Analysis
  • Rate Plan Analysis
  • Distribution ProjectsMarket Studies

Market Studies

Surveys of 100 to 3,000 consumers are reviewed and analyzed in aggregate by a team of Cote Collaborative analysts. This double-blind survey of a large group of respondents offers the advantage of driving design and respondent selection, as well as providing expert interpretation of the market study’s results. The market studies we have done in the past include:

  • Retail Pricing Sensitivity for Smartphones
  • Handset Replacement Cycle Forecasting
  • Consumer Purchase Preference
  • Purchase Intention and Volume Forecasting

Customer Lifetime Value Analysis

In the past, many decisions in the wireless industry were made on subscriber growth and CPGA alone. By adding in the cost of servicing a customer, along with ARPU and length of service, we help companies make more profitable choices.

Our CLV analysis led one of the world’s top five carriers to replace their largest handset vendor with a much smaller partner.

Market Intelligence

Our market intelligence service aids our clients by collecting and analyzing hard to find information from a variety of sources.Our sources can include competitors, suppliers, partners, industry experts, and customers.

Our recent market intelligence include such topics as:

  • Financial metrics
  • Revenue and unit trends
  • Product launches
  • Partnerships


Wireless bills audit

Our team specializes in findings savings to our clients on their monthly wireless bills.

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