Welcome to Cote Collaborative Wireless Strategy

We provide the wireless industry with:

  • Strategy
  • Market Intelligence
  • Advisory Services

Our clients include carriers worldwide, device manufacturers, as well as a number of search engines, infra-structure providers, and wireless application providers.
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Sample Reports

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    • customer-lifetime customer-lifetime
In mid-2008 a non-profit asked for our assistance in sizing the US Wireless industry. This single graphic conveys:

  • Where people research cell phones.
  • How many test messages are sent.

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Carrier Scorecard and Trending

The data included in the Carrier Scorecard Report includes both reported metrics and estimates for unreported metrics:

  • Subscriber Totals (Prepaid / Postpaid)
  • Net subscriber adds or losses
  • Churn
  • ARPU
  • CCPU
  • CPGA
  • CapEx

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